Our Lady Comes to Marlboro, New Jersey

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Background: After a year long investigation, while keeping the visionary under silence, Bishop John C. Reiss of the Trenton Diocese, NJ, allowed visionary, Joseph Januszkiewicz, to break his silence and to make our Lady's messages known to the public on Tuesday, September 7, 1993.  The Bishop reminds the faithful, "This permission however, does not imply endorsement";  it simply means that the messages contain nothing contrary to faith and morals.

 How are the faithful to respond?  It is reassuring to know that two Popes have given us direction in this matter.  Pope Paul VI, in the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith, stated that it is permitted to publish, without an imprimatur, texts relating to new revelation, apparitions, prophecies, or miracles.  These have been allowed to be distributed and read by the faithful without the expressed permission of the Church providing they contain nothing which contradicts faith and morals.

 We are further encouraged by the writings of Pope Urban VIII,  "In cases which concern private revelations, it is better to believe than not to believe, for if you believe and it is proven true, you will be happy that you have believed because our Holy Mother Church asked it.  If you believe, and it should be proven false, you will receive all blessings as if it had been true, because you believed it to be true."  Given these directives, we may approach the Marlboro messages with a sincere desire to listen and respond from our hearts; to pray more fervently for the conversion of souls, to make frequent reception of the sacraments, and to become a greater source of encouragement for our priests.

 About the visionary:  A quiet man who is dedicated to his family, Joseph Januszkiewicz, had a serious accident in 1987 which left him in a wheelchair.  Although he was skeptical about the events taking place in Medjugorje, he made a pilgrimage in 1988 and received a physical healing.  His first apparition occurred on March 17, 1989, while Joseph was praying in his backyard;  Our Lady continues to appear the first Sunday evening of each month at 9:30PM.  Our Lady asked to have a statue of Her placed in the yard along with a Crucifix (the statue and Crucifix were anonymously donated).  The visionary has been shown Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory.  He encourages all to especially pray for those in Purgatory and be faithful to the Church led by the Pope.  Mr. Januszkiewicz wishes to not draw any attention to himself, but rather that people would respond to what our Lady asks through him at Marlboro.  Each month our Lady presents two messages: one for the priest and one for the people.  The last message for the people was given on December 4, 1994.

The Messages of Our Lady at Marlboro, NJ:

June 2, 1992  Priests:  Teach what you have been taught, not what you feel.  Teach the right way.

For the people:  My Son and I have been giving you messages for many years and you have not listened.  Fasting!  Prayer!  Read the Bible - the Scriptures! You have not listened! You have not listened!

July 5, 1992  Priests:  Priests, My Son has given you the rock. I have given you this Pope. Listen to him. Listen to what he has to say.

For the people:  I am pleased, very pleased, My Son is pleased too with all the prayers.  Then Our Lady blessed everyone and said She would return on the first Sunday of the month. Our Lady said She knew and heard all of the petitions.

August 2, 1992  Priests:  Priests! Priests! My Son loves you. Love Him as much as He loves you. Take care of My People. Bring them back to the Church, they need you.

For the people: Pray for peace!  Pray for your leaders that they make the right decisions.  Many of My devoted people will be persecuted if we do not pray for peace.  Our Lady blessed everyone three times and said "No matter how far they were, I blessed them."  The Blessed Mother brought another person with her, St. Joseph.  St. Joseph said "This is My spouse."  He directed the building of the cross that is here  (in the yard).  Our Lady said She will be back the first Sunday of next month.  She was asked about moving the location and said:  "No! This is a sacrifice."  Our Lady said "I will be called the  'YELLOW ROSE OF PEACE.' "

September 6, 1992  Priests:  Priests!  Priests!  Be as one!  Be as one!  Be as My Father is one; be together.  The salvation of mankind is to be as one.  You will be needed; be as one.  Be as My Pope is one with My Father and My Son.  Be as one!

For the people:  People, My Son awaits you.  My Son awaits your prayer, fasting, but confession, but confession, is the most needed.  Go to Church and receive the gift of Penance and then receive the Body and Blood of your Savior.  Go to Church!  Go to Church!  Go to Church and visit Him and be with Him.  Go to Church.  You pray for peace but you do not receive My Son.  Prayer is strong; without My Son it is nothing except prayer.  Go to Church and receive Him;  He is your Savior, receive Him.  Our Lady smiled and said,  "I see you all are here: the curious, the faithful, the skeptics, but they will all be with My Son one day".

October 4, 1992  Priests:  Priests!  My Priests!  A shepherd takes his flock to the green pastures to feed.  Priests, take your flock to My Son. Do not stray with the flock; take them to green pastures as My Son.  Do not stray.  If one strays, follow him and retrieve him; bring him back.  All must be taken and brought back as one with My Son.

For the people:  Satan is losing the battle.  Pray harder - fast so he will lose.  Do not let him take you.  Satan will lose in the end.  We will all be with our Savior as one of His children.

November 1, 1992  Priests:  Priests!  Listen to what My Son is telling you.  Listen, He is talking to you.  Listen with your heart.  Do what He is telling you to do.   Do not be frightened.  Why are you not listening?  Why?

For the people:  Far, few, and many, I bless everyone.  Pray!  Pray with your heart!  Pray with your heart My children!  Do not be disturbed!  Time is very short, extremely short!  Pray!  People are not praying.  My children are not praying.  I love all My children.  Pray!

December 6, 1992  Priests:  Priests, listen very carefully.  A blind man can see, a deaf man can hear.   Priests!  Why do you not hear and see? My children are crying for your help.  You turn away.  My Son does not turn away, He speaks to His children.  Priests speak to My Son's children and guide them back to Him.  Do not be blind or deaf.

For the people:  Prayer is very strong.  Satan can not penetrate you with prayer. Be very strong!  I say to you again go to My Son's Church and receive Him and He will enlighten you My children.  The love He will show you. I thank you for being faithful to me and My Son.  I bless you all, far and close.  Be faithful to My Son.  Thank you.

January 3, 1993  Priests:  Priests!  Why are you searching?  Why are you looking and trying to find when all you have to do is ask My Son?  You are looking in the wrong places.  My Son will guide you if you ask Him.  He knows all and He loves all.  Priests stop searching; come together as one.

For the people:  Pray the Rosary.  Satan is going to attack with all forces; as many people as he can get.  This is your year as you call year that Satan will be very strong.  Many of My children will perish but pray the Rosary so that they can be saved and be with My Son.  I beg you to come back to My Son, My children, before it is too late.  I thank you for hearing and being here My children.

February 7, 1993  Priests:  I come as your Mother today.  I come to give you a message.  The hand of justice is very swift.  The hand of My  Son is swifter.  He is angry priests!  Do as you are told to do.  Do as your Father has told you and now I tell you.  You are not listening.  I say to you again, you are not listening.  My Son's hand of justice will be upon you and He is very just.  I say to you listen to Him.  I thank you priests.

For the people:  Pray the rosary very hard.  Pray the rosary for the priest.

March 7, 1993  Priests:  Priests, why are you dormant?  My Son loves you; why are you sleeping?  Many of My children are looking for you and you are sleeping.  Wake up and bring them to me and My Son; teach them.  Do not be frightened of what you are teaching.  Teach the right way.  Be like a flower in spring that blooms, not dormant as you are.  Do not be dormant!  Wake up!  Be as one!  My Son loves you!  Thank you priests.

For the people:  My dear children I ask you to pray!  Pray as you never prayed before!  This is the month to sacrifice, penance.  Pray for those who are falling away from My Son.  Pray for the Church.  Pray for the priests.  Pray for the leaders of the Church.  My Son has sacrificed many times.  Can't you sacrifice once for Him by praying and teaching other people of Him?  Pray for the Church and the leaders of the Church.  Thank you.

April 4, 1993 (Palm Sunday)  Priests:  My Son and I love you.  Help My Son to carry the cross. I love you priests!

For the people:  Pray!  Fast!  Penance!  Many of My faithful have forgotten what Penance is.  Receive the Sacrament of Penance.  Fast on bread and water.  It is time to fast.  Be with My Son today and forever.  I love you My children!

May 2, 1993  Priests:  Priests!  Come together as one.  Do not be intimidated by Satan.  You are with Me and My Son.  Be strong as I asked once before.  Many of My children are waiting for you.  They need you; do not desert them.  The work that you are doing is for My Son.  Bring My children back to Him.  I beg you to have patience with all My children.  Receive them with an open heart and guide them back to My Son; they need you.  Many of My children are desperate for your love and teaching.  I beg you to bring them back to My Son.  As time as you know is running short for them:  Please bring them to My Son; do not desert them.  Come together and be as one.  Thank You.

For the people:  Have you forgotten what prayer is?  Many of the children have stopped praying.  Only prayer can bring peace.  Fasting, penance and receiving My Son.  Go back to Church and pray My children for peace.  If you do not, you are on the road to destruction.  Do not let Satan overcome.  Be with me and My Son.  Thank you My beloved children.

June 6, 1993  Priests:  Be faithful to My Son and I.  The decision which you make will come very shortly.  Many of My children depend on your decision.  I ask you My priests be faithful to THE  ROCK.  I ask you to be faithful to him.  The decision you will make will affect many.  He is one with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit as ONE.  Be one as ONE.  Thank you priests.

For the people:  Pray!  Pray!  Pray!  Many times I have said for you to pray.  I am repeating Myself many many times.  It is time to pray very very hard. Receive My Son with your open hearts.  I will be with you when you receive Him.  Get back to Church!  Get back to My Son!  I thank you My children for listening to me.

July 4, 1993  Priests:  Priests, My Beloved priests.  Are you prepared for My Son's coming?  He will be coming shortly. Are you prepared? Is you flock prepared?  I will ask you these questions Priests.  They are not really questions, but they are words; they are meaningful.  Obedience!  Prayer!  Love!  Sacrifice!  Trust!  If you have all these do not worry, but if your ego is standing in the way remember these words that I have given you.  I tell you to be with My Son and let the Holy Spirit come upon you and be as one.  Thank you My beloved Priests.

For the people:  Pray so there can be peace.  Pray the Rosary so there can be peace.  Receive the sacraments and go to Church. Do not let anything stop you!  Satan is strong but still go to Church.  Ask My Son to help you.  There are many evil ones that are trying to stop My children from going to Church.  Ask the Holy Spirit;  He will enlighten you and guide you.  I thank you children for listening to My message.

August 1, 1993  Priests:  My Beloved priests!  Do not judge My children, My Son will.  They come to you for guidance.  Do not let them astray.  I know that you care and bring them back to My Son; they are lost if you do not guide them.  Please My priests, bring them back to My Son.  Thank you My beloved priests.

For the people:  My children I love you.  Continue on saying the Rosary and receiving the sacraments.  Go back to the Church and receive My Son.  I ask you to pray for the Rock, the Pope, that no harm comes to him.  Pray to the Holy Spirit so that He can help you.  I thank you My children.

September 5, 1993  Priests:  Priests, humble humility.  Have you listened to My Pope?  Have you heard what he has said?  Priests do not exploit what you have.  It can be taken away from you as fast as it was given to you.  My Son's mercy is plentiful.  But My Son's hand of justice is swift.  Listen My priests.  I tell you again listen My priests to My Pope.  He will guide you the right way.  He is listening to My Son.  Listen to him and do what he says.  Thank you My beloved priests.

For the people:  My children, I ask you to pray for the conversion of sinners so they may go back to Church.  I ask you to read the scriptures so you may be enlightened.  The Holy Spirit will enlighten you.  Pray the Rosary, fast and sacraments, and communion.  Thank you for listening..

October  3, 1993  Priests:  Priests, My Son and I love you.  Your flock loves you.  I say again priests, teach what you have been taught.  Obedience to My Pope.  Obedience to My Pope!  Thank you priests.

For the people:  This is My month, the Rosary.  Pray the Rosary for peace.  Receive the sacrament of Penance.  Receive My Son with your heart.  Go back to Church My children.  Thank you.

November 7, 1993  Priests:   Priests, why do you test My Son?  As you are with My Pope, you are with My Son.  If you are not with My Pope, you are not with My Son.  I ask you Priests, to pray for guidance.  Pray for guidance.  It is you who will guide.  Priests, ask the Holy Spirit to come down upon you.  It is you who makes the decision for the flock of many.  Priests,  I ask you do not change.   Do not change!  Be faithful to My Son.  Priests, I love you.  The decision has come upon you.  Which way will you turn?  Thank you Priests.

For the people:  I ask all My children to pray for the Priests.  Devote your time to pray for the Priests.  The decision is upon them.  Pray for the Priests.  Thank you My children.

December 5, 1993  Priests:   Priests, there is only one way, My Son's way.  Priests,  come together as one.  Priests,  I say to you as your Mother and the Mother of our Savior, come together as one.  My Son is coming.  He is coming very shortly.  I ask you priests,  come as one.  Time is running out;  Satan is powerful,  extremely powerful.  Priests, do not let him enter in.  Do not let him enter in.  Priests, I love you; My Son loves you.  I say again to you and I will keep on repeating it again.  Obedience!  Obedience!  Obedience!  A man that knows everything does not know anything.  A man that says he has power;  he has nothing, My Son has everything.  Priests,  I ask you again,  Obedience!  Thank you.

For the people:  (To Joe)  Before I give you a message for the people,  this will be the last message for the people.  I will continue on giving you messages for the priest.

My children,  I love you.  Be faithful to Me and My Son.  Receive the sacraments; receive My Son.  Help My beloved priests in any way you can.  Time is running very short.  My Son will be here.  Do not condemn them.  Do not condemn My priests.  Be with them.  Help them and they will help you.  I love you My children and I will be in your hearts always.  Thank you.

January 2, 1994  Priests:   Many times I have stressed to you obedience, obedience to My Son and My Pope.  Your reward is not of this earth, your reward is with My Son for eternity.  I ask you priests to obey.  Obedience My priests.  Obedience!  I ask you to help My children.  Without you priests,  My children are lost.  I ask you priests, why you do not teach what you have been taught?  Satan is running rampant.  I stress this,  Satan is running rampant among everyone.  Priests, I ask you,  I beg you, to teach what you have been taught.  It is the first message that I gave you;  teach what you have been taught!  Priests, I say again, change your ways to My children.  Change the way you approach them.  Be kind priests for your reward is with My Son; it is not materialistic, it is with My Son for life, for all eternity.  I thank you priests.

  February 6, 1994  Priests:   Priests, My beloved priests, as teachers of My Son's words you must start from the beginning and teach it as basic because many of My children do not know.  Priests, I say to you, you are servants of My children,  they are not servants of you.  Priests, I love you.  My Son loves you.  Remember priests, teach what you have been taught, the basics.  Many of My children do not understand.  My beloved priest, be yourself.  I say to you again, be obedient.  Be a priest, and teach as you have been taught.  I thank you My beloved priests.

March 6, 1994  Priests:   Prepare yourself, priests.  I ask you prepare yourself for the coming of My Son.  Do not be confused.  Many of My priests are confused.  He is coming very shortly.  He is coming sooner than what you think.  There are many disguises for Satan.  Priests, there are many disguises.  Do not let him confuse you.  Priests - confusion.  You do not have to be confused if you are with My Pope and be as one.  Priests, thank you;  thank you for obeying My Son.  I thank you.  My Son thanks you.  (The Blessed Mother showed Joe the Cross that Her Son died on.)  Take the Cross, Priests.  Carry it like My Son carried it.  Many of My priests forgot how to carry it.  Thank you My priests.

April 3, 1994  Priests:   Priests, My beloved priests.  These are the words of the Mother of God.  Priests, I cradle you in My arms, priests, as I cradled My Son.  Today is a very special day, priests, a very very special day to everyone.  My Son has risen!  My Son will speak to you.  PRIESTS, I HAVE OPENED MY HEART TO YOU, WILL YOU OPEN YOU HEART TO ME?  PRIESTS, I HAVE CHOSEN YOU, I HAVE CHOSEN YOU TO DO THE WORK, BUT MANY OF MY PRIESTS THEY ARE NOT DISOBEDIENT, THEY ARE JUST A LITTLE LAZY, BUT I LOVE YOU PRIESTS.  I LOVE EACH ONE OF YOU.  PRIESTS, LISTEN TO WHOM YOU ARE DIRECTED TO; LISTEN TO HIM.  LISTEN TO HIM.  PRIESTS, I WILL BE COMING.  I THANK YOU VERY MUCH PRIESTS FOR LISTENING.  I THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

May 1, 1994  Priests:   Priests, My beloved priests. I come to you today as a Mother, the Mother of Our Savior.  Priests, I come to you and beg you, I beg you priests for obedience.  Obedience to your director, your bishop, your Pope, your immediate supervisor.  I will make it simple for you today priests.  Obedience!  Priests you're not being chastised by your bishop or your Pope, it's obedience.  Obedience priests!  Accept My Son, accept the cross.  Why can't you bear a little pain?  It is very simple, but very hard.  Obedience!  I must stress this on you very much.  Without obedience it cannot be anything.  Priests, I beg you as your Mother.  Obey before it is too late.  Do not turn your back on your director, your bishop.  Listen.  It may be hard, but listen.  Priests, listen to my Pope.  My Pope!  Priests, I beg you as your Mother, please obey.  If you do not obey, your children will wander;  your children will wander away.  Your flock will wander.  Priests I love you.  My Son is standing right here.  He loves you.  Priests please obey.  I thank you.  I thank you very much as your Mother.

June 5, 1994  Priests:   Priests, My beloved Priests. Trust My Son.  Trust Him priests.  I ask you to trust Him.  There will be many, many things you do not understand, but trust Him.  Priests, henceforth there will be many signs.  Do not be confused.  Do not be confused.  Satan is very strong.  He will try to confuse you.  Ask the Holy Spirit for the right one.  Ask the Holy Spirit for the right one.  My Son will speak to you now.   PRIESTS, FOLLOW PETER, THE ROCK;  HE IS GUIDING YOU THE RIGHT WAY.  HE IS GUIDING YOU TO ETERNITY WITH ME.  LISTEN MY PRIESTS, DO NOT BE CONFUSED.  LISTEN TO HIM.  LISTEN PRIESTS.  MY MOTHER WILL SPEAK TO YOU NOW.  Priests,  as My Son says, do not be confused.  Listen to My Pope, listen.  I thank you priests.  I thank you for listening to Me and My Son.

July 3, 1994  Priests:   Priests, My beloved Priests. Prepare yourself for what is coming.  Prepare yourself.  Priests, prepare yourself.  Have you prepared your flock?  Priests, I ask you, prepare yourself.  If you do not prepare yourself, how can you prepare your flock?  Do not let Satan destroy you priests.  Ask the Holy Spirit and My Son to guide you and direct you priests.  Do not let him destroy you.  Do not let him destroy you priests.  There's many things going to happen.  Choose priests, as I said, choose.  Priests, I beg you to choose the right way.  Priests, I love you.  Thank you.

August 7, 1994  Priests:   Priests, My beloved Priests. It is not what My Son can do for you, it is what you can do for My Son.  Priests, unite yourself.  I ask you priests, unite yourself with My Son and with the Rock.  If you are alone priests, Satan can attack you.  He attacks everyone, but prayer priests, prayer.  I ask you priests to unite yourself with My Pope.  Do not stray as many are straying.  Priests, I beg you.  Thank you for listening, priests.

September 4, 1994  Priests:   Priests, My beloved Priests.  I will ask you a few questions today priests.  Priests, can you divide yourself into two?  No you cannot.  Priests, if you could, your right hand and your left hand would not know what to do.  I ask you priests, I ask you again priests to stay as one.  Do not divide yourself.  Stay as one priests.  I ask you again, priests stay as one.  It is a sacrifice.  It is a sacrifice.  It is love to stay as one.  It is trust to stay as one.  It is obedience to stay as one and to pray as one.  Satan will test you on this priests.  Satan will test you.  He will try to divide you.  Don't let him.  Stay priests with My Pope.  Stay with My Pope priests.  Do not let him divide you.  I ask you, I beg you priests.  They are a few words, but I will say to you again.  I have said it many times: Obedience, Prayer, Love, Trust, Sacrifice.  Priests, if you have all of them you will be with My Father and with My Son.  Priests, do not divide yourself. Satan is cunning.  I say again Satan is cunning.  Thank you priests.  I thank you very much for listening.

October 2, 1994  Priests:   Priests, My beloved Priests.  Pray!  Pray!  Pray!  Body - Mind - Soul - Pray!  I ask you My priests, My beloved priests.  Today is your day, priests.  Ask and you will receive.  Ask and you will receive.  I ask you priests to watch over My children.  Many of My children are dying without any guidance.  I ask you priests to guide My children.  Watch over them.  I ask you, I beg you, Priests, pray.  Priests, expect the unexpected.  Expect the unexpected.  Priests, many of My children are dying because they are being aborted.  I ask you priests, I beg you priests, help them to stop.  Expect the unexpected.  I thank you my beloved priests.

November 6, 1994  Priests:   Priests, My beloved Priests.  Satan is attacking the Church.  Don't let him priests.  You have the power of My Son.  Don't let him attack your Church.  I ask you priests to grab your flock and bring them to Church.  It is a difficult journey, but bring them to Church.  Pray the Rosary so you could defend against Satan.  Pray the Rosary.  Pray the rosary.  Priests, Satan is in disguise.  He is destroying everything.  Don't let him; I beg you priests, don't let him destroy the Church.  My Son's Church.  Don't let him destroy it.  Ask the Holy Spirit how you can defend.  Defend!  Many disguises Satan has.  Please priest, please defend your Church.  My priests, My priests, I love you all.  Thank you for listening.

December 4, 1994  Priests:   Priests, My beloved priests.  Teach what you have been taught was one of the first message that I had given you.  Priests, I ask you with all My heart, teach what you have been taught.  I remind you again, priests, a blind man can see, a deaf man can hear.  My children are blind and deaf, teach them.  Teach them.  I ask you priests, I ask you priests, please teach them with all your knowledge.  Teach them.  Do not let them go astray.  Please my priests, teach them, for My Son will be here shortly.  My Son will be here shortly.  Priests, donít let Satan stand in the way of you teaching My flock and My Sonís flock.  Send them priests, to greener pastures with My Son.  Priests, this is the last message that I will give.  Priests, I love you priests.  Priests, come together as one.  Do not astray.  Do not stray.  I thank you priests for listening to all these messages.  I thank you priests.

 This was the last public message released from Marlboro, NJ.