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Year C 051213 - Mother's Day Thanksgiving Mass Thanksgiving Mass Mother's Day Homily
Thanks to All Who Helped Make This Day Possible Thanksgiving Mass Final Remarks
Year C 051913 - Pentecost Homily (Holy Spirit Empowers Our Lives)  Pentecost
Year C 061613 - 11th Sunday Ordinary Time (Sinful Woman and Pharisee) C_11th_Ordinary_Time
Year C 072313 - 16th Sunday Ordinary Time (Martha & Mary - Discipleship) C_16th_Ordinary_Time
Year C 082013 - 20th Sunday Ordinary Time (Our Mission as Church) C_20th_Ordinary_Time
Year C 091513 - 24th Sunday Ordinary Time (Repentance) C_24th_Ordinary_Time
Year C 102013 - 29th Sunday Ordinary Time (Faith and the Necessity of Prayer) C_29th_Ordinary_Time
Year C 111713 - 33rd Sunday Ordinary Time (Persevering in Faith Until the End) C_33rd_Ordinary_Time
Year A 121513 - 3rd Advent Sunday (Rejoice! Our Salvation is Near!) A_3rd_Advent_Gaudete_Sunday
Year A 011914 - 2nd Ordinary Time (Baptism Commissions Us to Make Disciples of all Nations) A_2nd_Sunday_Ordinary_Time_Baptism_Empowerment_by_the_Holy_Spirit
Year A 022314 - 7th Ordinary Time (Jesus - Sermon on the Mount - Who Is My Neighbor?) A_7th_Sunday_Ordinary_Time_Everyone_Is_My_Neighbor
Year A 031614 - 2nd Lent - (Transformation of Jesus - A Peak Spiritual Experience for Us) A_2nd_Sunday_Lent_Transformation of Jesus is Our Transformation Too
Year A LENT - Stations of the Cross - With reflections from Mary's Point of View Stations of the Cross - Mary Witnesses Her Son Crucified
Year A 041914 -  Easter Vigil - (Exsultet)  A_Easter_Vigil_Exsultet
Year A 041914 - Easter Vigil - (Two women - An Empty Tomb Changed Their Lives) A_Easter_Vigil_Two Women An Empty Tomb Changed Their Lives
Year A 042714 - Divine Mercy Sunday - (Receiving God's Mercy - Giving God's Mercy) A_Mercy_Sunday_Receiving_God's_Mercy_Giving_God's Mercy
Year A 051714 - 5th Sunday Easter - (The Roadmap that Leads to Our Heavenly Home) A_5th_Sunday_Easter_The_Roadmap_and_Landmarks_of_Faith
Year A 061514 - Trinity Sunday - (Consider the Forest Instead of Trees)  -  June 15, 2014 A_Feast_of_the_Most_Holy_Trinity_Seeing_the_Forest_Instead_of_Trees
Year A 072014 - 16th Sunday Ordinary Time - (Weeds or Wheat?   Passing Our Final Exam) A_16th_Sunday_Ordinary_Time_Parable_of_the_Wheat_and_the_Weed
Year A 081714 - 20th Sunday Ordinary Time - (Canaanite Woman - Lord Help ME!) A_20th_Sunday_Ordinary_Time_Canaanite_Woman_Begs_Jesus_for_Miracle
Year A 092114 - 25th Sunday Ordinary Time - (Receiving Equal Pay in the Vineyard) A_25th_Sunday_Ordinary_Time_  Parable About Workers in the Vineyard
Year A 100914 - Communion Breakfast Homily (Inviting the Holy Spirit into My Life) A_Communion_Breakfast_Inviting_the_Holy_Spirit_Into_My_Life
Year A 111614 - 33rd Sunday Ordinary Time - (One / Two / Five  Talents - Our Response) A_33rd_Sunday_Ordinary_Time_-  Using Our Talents
Year B 122114 - 4th Advent - What is Our Fiat - Our Yes to God's Will in Our Life? B_4th_Advent_Saying_Yes_to_God's_Will_in_Life
Year B 011815 - 2nd Ordinary - Called to be a Disciple of Jesus Christ B_2nd_Ordinary_Called_to_be_a_Disciple_of_Jesus_Christ
Year B 021515 - 6th Ordinary - Who is the Leper in Our Lives? B_6th_Ordinary_Who is the Leper In Our Lives?
Year B 031515 - 4th Lent - For God So Loved the World B_4th_Lent_For_God_So_Loved_The_World
Year B 040415 - EASTER Vigil - When the Impossible Becomes Possible B_EASTER_Vigil_When_the_Impossible_Becomes_Possible
Year B 041915 - 3rd Sunday Easter - Resurrection Leads to Forgiveness of Sins B_3rd_Easter_Resurrection_Leads_Us_to_Forgiveness_of_Sins
Year B 051715 - 7th Sunday Easter - Jesus Creates the Priesthood  - One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic B_7th_Easter_Priesthood_One_Holy_Catholic_Apostolic
Year B 062115 - 12th Sunday Ordinary - Maintaining Our Faith in the Midst of a Storm B 12th Ordinary Maintaining Our Faith in the Midst of a Storm
Year B 071915 - 16th Sunday Ordinary - What do we hunger for in life? B 16th Ordinary What Do We Hunger for in Life?
Year B 081615 - 20th Sunday Ordinary - Is the Eucharist a Symbol or Really Jesus? B 20th Ordinary Is the Eucharist a Symbol or Really Jesus?
Year B 111515 - 33rd Sunday Ordinary - All Bad News -  Is There Any Good News? B 33rd_Ordinary_Good_News_in_a_Bad_News_World
Year C 122015 - 4th Sunday Advent - Our Yes to God C 4th_Advent_Our Yes to God
Year C 011716 - 2nd Ordinary - Our Story as a Witness to Jesus C 2nd_Ordinary Our Story as a Witness to Jesus
Year C 021016 - Ash Wednesday - Why is Lent important in our lives? C Ash_Wednesday_Why is Lent Important in Our Lives?
Year C 022116 - 2nd Lent - The Transfiguration in My Life C 2nd_Lent_The_Transfiguration_in_My_life
Year C 032716 - EASTER - Be Not Afraid - God Has a Plan C EASTER_Be_Not_Afraid_God_Has_a_Plan
Year C 041716 - 4th Easter - Jesus, Our Good Shepherd - A love Story C 4th_Easter_Jesus_Our_Good_Shepherd_A_Love_Story
Year C 051516 - PENTECOST - Receiving and Using Our Gifts C PENTECOST_Receiving_and_Using_Our_Gifts
Year C 061916 - 12th Ordinary - Who do WE Say Jesus Is? C 12th_Ordinary_Who_Do_We_Say_Jesus_Is?
Year C 071716 - 16th Ordinary - Changing Our Filters to Understand the Value of Discipleship C 16th_Ordinary_Rearranging_Life_Expectations to Embrace Discipleship
Year C 082116 - 21st Ordinary - What is Required to Obtain Salvation? C 21st_Ordinary_What_Is_Required_To_Obtain_Salvalation?
Year C 112016 - 34 FEAST OF CHRIST THE KING  - My Heart Christ's Home C 34th_FEAST_OF_CHRIST_THE_KING_My_Heart_Christ's_Home
Year A 121816 - 4th Advent  - Persevering in Faith During the Storms of Life A_4th_Advent_Perseverance_in_Faith_During_the_Storms_of_Life
Year A 021917 - 7th Ordinary  - Who is My Neighbor? A_7th_Ordinary_Who_is_My_Neighbor?
Year A 030117 - Ash Wednesday - Getting My Spiritual Tuneup for Lent A_Ash_Wednesday_Getting_My_Spiritual_Tuneup_for_Lent
Year A 031917 - 3rd Lent - A God Moment in our Lives A_3rd_Lent_A_God_Moment_in_Our_Lives
Year A 041617 - EASTER - What Are We Searching for This Easter? A_EASTER_What_Are_We_Searching_for_This_Easter?

Elizabeth Pladek
Professional Singer for Catholic Liturgy

Serving New Jersey Catholic Churches in Monmouth and Ocean Counties

  • Over 25 years as a professionally trained soprano.

  • Lead Cantor for special Catholic Liturgies

  • Weddings/Funerals/Lenten Series/Christmas/Easter/Pentecost

  • Available Anytime on Weekdays and Saturday

  • Versatile in:  English,  Italian, French, Latin, German, Spanish, Polish